What Are Dynamic QR Codes?

A QR code is a type of barcode that can be read by smartphones using the camera. They are often used in marketing to give customers the ability to direct-link to a web page, coupon, video or other promotion on their device.

QR stands for Quick Response code and was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during production. Today, however, QR codes are commonly used in marketing to add an interactive element to a printed piece or advertisement.

We can split QR codes into two categories. Dynamic and static. Static QR codes are the more common of the two and often have a limited amount of data that can be changed.

Dynamic QR Codes vs Static QR Codes

Since static QR codes do not allow change, without impacting the appearance of the QR code. They must be redistributed every time any updates are made. But dynamic QR codes have the benefit of updating changes on the fly.

Furthermore, a static QR code limits the amount of data that can be extracted about the user or the behaviour. A dynamic QR code allows for more data to be collected, and provides valuable insight into customer preferences over time.

Common uses for Dynamic QR Codes

  • Providing personalized content based on the user's location or profile. For example, if a customer views your advertisement online and scans the QR code on their phone, they could receive personalized information about the product/service they are interested in, based on their geographic location or previous interactions with your brand.
  • Collecting data for analytics purposes. The data you collect can be used to create targeted campaigns that engage potential customers in meaningful ways.
  • Triggering an action on a user's phone based on the location of the code. For example, if someone scans your code at an event or tradeshow, you could send a link to an opt-in form or special offer right to their smartphone. - Sending coupons to users who are walking by a physical store advertising a special offer.

Types of Dynamic QR Codes

There are several different types of dynamic QR codes that you can use in your marketing campaigns. Each type provides a different experience for users and helps you achieve specific goals.

For example, QRMetric supports creating dynamic QR codes of the following types:

  • URL: This type of code directs users to an external web page. It is the most basic type of dynamic QR code but is useful for a wide variety of purposes.
  • PDF: This code can be used to direct users to an online document such as a PDF brochure or whitepaper. This is ideal for providing information that people can read on the go.

How to Create a Dynamic QR Code

Head to QRMetric's registration page to create an account and begin creating dynamic QR codes.